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The People's Voice

Frank Mendoza:

Derrick Arnold:

(A Mother's Sinful Touch 2: Scene 2 PPV Download)

Great Job!


Frank Mendoza:

(A Mother's Sinful Touch 2: DVD)

This company has great customer service.


Walter Sulkowski:

(A Mother's Sinful Touch: Complete DVD Set)

Great service with a big smile. . .


Patrick Anderson:

(A Mother's Sinful Touch I: DVD)

I was quite surprised at how quick i received the dvd.


Mark Couts:

I received my items through the mail faster than I expected!! Was a very nice change!!


Michael Maillet:

(A Mother's Sinful Touch I and A Mother's Sinful Touch 2: Life Before Saying, I Do- DVDs)

Great experience all the way around. Great videos!


Max O Reeves:

(A Mother's Sinful Touch II: DVD" & "A Mother's Sinful Touch I: Download)

"I am VERY pleased with the download and eagerly await the DVD. I do wish the beautiful females in the DVD had spoken a little more clearly but then that is not why I bought it. I wish I had a mother like the one in the DVD!! She had a knockout figure that really caused a meltdown with me. I wish the daughter had been a little more perky and responsive but realize she was acting. The mother was a total package - I loved her hair, her gorgeous figure, expressions, demeanor and fashion outfit. I cannot wait to get the DVD to have the rest of her. I am a petite male with a very strong feminine side and the mother brought out the lesbian in me. I do not regret buying the DVD and will more than likely buy more."  


Philip Hildred:

(A Mother's Sinful Touch I- DVD)

"Hello there I am very pleased with the film, A mother's sinful touch, I will be ordering part 2 when I've watched part 1. Thank you, excellent service, I will be contacting you soon."


Shane Palmer:

(A Mother's Sinful Touch I: Digital Download All 3 Scenes From DVD)

"Jay team fixed download problem really fast for me, very pleased with the service!"

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