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Serenity, Wisdom, Courage: Genuine Leather Bracelet

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Serenity, Wisdom, Courage: Genuine Leather Bracelet


There comes a time in all of our lives when we’ll have to endure some of the most strenuous, horrific, live changing events and circumstances that we’ve ever faced before.

For those who turn to prayer for guidance, you may find yourself wondering if your prayers have gone unheard because nothing in your circumstance seems to be changing in your favor.

Although things may not seem to be working in your favor as fast as you would like for it to, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it never will. A suitable reminder in situations similar to what I’m describing can be found within the context of the Serenity Prayer. Even through the toughest times in our lives, we should focus our energy on praying that our minds and spirits can accept the things that we can’t change, change the things that we are capable of tackling, and be grateful for being blessed with the wisdom to know the difference.

“Serenity, Courage, Wisdom: Genuine Leather Bracelet”, makes the perfect inspirational gift item for anyone who may experiencing hardship in their life, or maybe even someone who is taking the necessary steps that’s needed in order to get their lives back on track.

This Handmade, solid black, 9 1/2 inch, Genuine Leather Bracelet features a silver (Serenity, Courage, Wisdom) engraved plate, Silver Snaps For Closure, And a Silver Extender Chain for adjustability.

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