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Royal Camouflage Choker with Extender Chain

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Royal Camouflage Choker with Extender Chain

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    Brand: J. Jeweler
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From (J. Jeweler) comes this stylish, handmade, Royal Camouflage Choker that will make a great 'Gift item For Her'. This stunning piece features a camouflage appearance that's complimented by it's silver crowning jewel pendant, silver end clasps and an extender chain that will enable you to adjust the fit.

Measurement wise, this Royal Camouflage Choker is approximately: 

(10 in. length without using the extender chain) 

(12 in. length when the extender chain is used)

Also, if you prefer not to use the crown pendant that's attached to this choker, the pendant is easily removable.

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