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Frequently Asked Questions


What information do you collect when placing an order? Why? 
We collect your email address for emailing you an order confirmation; we do not share your email address with any third parties that will send you unwanted or spam mail. Your email address used to contact you online is used solely for use between you (buyer) and to respond to any inquiries regarding orders or products and to comply with any requirements of law i.e.: verification for suspected fraudulent activities. Actual shipping address is collected for shipping purposes and is used between and the selected carrier only. Billing information is collected after you place your order for interoffice use only. Your billing information may only be disclosed to the issuing bank for verification purposes. Please note our Privacy Policy

Will anyone be able to figure out what's in my package? 
Please refer to our Privacy Policy page. 

Does it show on my bill that I bought this sort of product? 
Please refer to our Privacy Policy page. 

What if I have a privacy question? 
You may address any privacy related questions by e-mailing us at: or leave a voice message requesting a call back or text by calling our office at the number provided on our Home page.

I haven't received my order yet, where is it? 
You can always check the status of your order by entering your order ID number and a ZIP code in the Order Status page available on the homepage. 

How do I cancel my order? 
To cancel your order please send us an e-mail or call us toll free at 1(443) 731-6826  9:00am - 5:00pm E.S.T. (Eastern Standard Time U.S.). Please note that your order cannot be cancelled once it goes for processing. 

How do I ask for a refund? 
Please refer to our Return Policy page. 

I haven't gotten my refund yet, when should it show up on my bill? 
Credit card refunds will appear on your statement in the next billing cycle or, in the case of online banking, should appear in your account within 10 business days. Please refer to our Return Policy

Can I get a store credit for something I bought and returned? 
Please refer to our Return Policy page. 

I don't want to use my credit card online, how can I purchase something? 
Alternative payments for orders that are placed with us includes:                         1. Bank Transfer Option (Using Popmoney). This is a Secured Banking Transfer Option that enables you to transfer funds from your Bank Account to cover the cost of your order. 
2. Paypal. If you have a Paypal Account, you can always use the funds that are in your Paypal Account to cover the cost of your order.
3. Money Order. You can also send us a Money Order as a payment option and once the money order has been received by us we'll ship your order off to you.

Money Orders Can Be Mailed To: 
Flawless By Jay (Attn: J. Staten)
P.O. Box 18631
Baltimore, Maryland 21216

Can I pay with Paypal? 
Yes, you can. When you are ready to checkout, select the Paypal option on the shopping cart and follow the PayPal checkout procedure. 

How do I ship to an address that isn't mine? 
When placing an order you can choose a different shipping address other than your billing address on the shopping cart pages before checking out. 

How do I get my product shipped overseas? 
Please refer to our Shipping Policy page. 

Do you refund shipping charges? 
We refund shipping charges in the following cases: 
1. We ship an incorrect product. 
2. We ship a broken or defective product. 
If we re-ship a product in these cases, we do not add another shipping charge.

What if a product is not in stock? 
If a particular product is not in stock, you can be added to our waiting list. Once the item you have been waiting on becomes available, we will notify you via email or ship it out to you using your billing information on file. To do so, please submit a Support Ticket with waiting list in the subject line, and then list the item/s you would like to wait for. 

How do I get discounts on my future purchases? 
To receive discounts and great benefits, you can sign up to become a registered member on our site. As a member you can enjoy great discounts and be the first to find out about our sales. 

How do I sign up as a member? 
Signing up for membership is easy; simply fill out the required information on the shopping cart page before or after placing an order. You should then receive a confirmation email with a member number that you can use for great member benefits. 

Are these products safe for use? 
These products are sold for the intended use only; we are not responsible for any physical harm caused by any of the products sold herein. 

Can I get a mail catalogue? 
We currently do not mail catalogues for we are strictly an online business. 

Are children safe at 
The products sold herein are intended for adults over the age of 18. We do not sell products for purchase by children. At the moment that you register with, purchasing products from, or providing information to, you assure that your are over the age of 18 and any information given to about a third party is from a third party over the age of 18.


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